Diwali friendship road / Corduroy road

A very pretty pink quilt arrived in Spring sweeping me off my feet with its beauty as well as the generous spirit of a friend it contained.. I still can't believe this sweetie has come to live with us and keeping us extra warm lately. Thank you very much Candace, I can only imagine the amount of care and affection that went into every stitch you put into it, not to mention hours of planning, plotting and sewing!!!

Knobs and grooves of corduroy, cotton candy colors, a gorgeous green print combined with Candace's incredible paisley quilting, this quilt has so many lovely layers both for the eyes and to the touch., too beautiful to describe but I am sorry that I failed to capture it in the pictures. 

When Candace explained the Diwali inspiration for this quilt and the Indian connection it has, I was deeply moved to the core. Please visit Squash house quilts to read about it in Candace's own words, since I know very well I won't be able to do proper justice if I attempt to spell out the special meaning behind it. 

I am falling short of words to express even my own emotions here.. to say the least, I am doubly flattered and humbled that this quilt evolved from the creativity and hard work of two friends I admire and cherish! 

Corduroy road quilt pattern is another of Stephanie's brilliant ideas. Being such a big block, it allows the prettiness of fabric to shine through, provides a playground to experiment with colors or show off stunning quilting designs like Candace did.

Stephanie is one of the first friends who nudged me gently towards starting a blog all those years ago and ever since then she stayed by my side with her unwavering encouragement. Soon after that, I was lucky to meet Candace and some wonderful friends who opened up my world to a much happier brighter spot. It warms my heart to think that by coincidence, the name of this quilt also reflects the friendship road I've taken ( ' u ' )

Thank you Stephanie, Candace for all the love you shower on us, Kalyan and I are going to be enjoying this quilt for many many years collecting nice memories along the way, thinking of you and what a blessing you have been in our lives!!!

Stephanie shared a mesmerizing green and blue version of this quilt on her blog, the colors she chose and the intricate quilting done by her very talented quilter are pure magic!!
Corduroy road quilt pattern is available on Connecting threads website.

Thank you to all my great friends, Love you soooo much!!!! ♥ ♥ 


Carrie P. said...

candace made a fabulous quilt for you.

Stephanie said...

A lovely handmade gift from the heart. Candace did a lovely job representing your friendship. Quilts with stories and special meanings are best. I think it shall provide lots of cozy comfort on these cold winter days and nights and lots of friendship hugs.

Needled Mom said...

It is just beautiful and a very touching gift from a friend. I know you will cherish it.

Candace said...

Oh, Pratima, your words are so much better than mine. Thank you for the very kind words and I could not be happier to have you as a friend and bring you delight with this quilt!

KaHolly said...

Quilts are gifts that keep on giving, and this one is amazing. The quilting on it really makes it magical. I'm sure it will be very happy living at your house and snuggling up to you!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Oh just so beautiful. What a true gift of love. It will keep on giving everytimt you use it or see it. Friendship, what a wonderful thing.