meow quilt

Meow quilt is ready with six curious cats eager to travel towards their new home.

To make them more presentable for their journey, I thought it is a good idea to highlight the black & white whiskers which is their best feature. So I added a 2" border with black dots on the outside. 

A bunch of black cats also made their way into the border. I almost forgot about having this cutie fabric. The cats are covered in glitter, probably the result of rolling on a crafter's table as is their habit!

I followed a different approach to finish this quilt, quilting the top two layers with stich-in-ditch, then sewing the backing fabric to the top with right sides together. I left an opening of about 8" to flip the whole thing like a pillowcase. And again quilted the three layers together with straight lines.

For backing, I didn't have enough of the checkered yarn dyed fabric, so I also used a plain brown woven fabric. It is actually a dupatta (scarf) that I bought in India, similar to shot cotton but has a slightly heavier feel to it. Both are soft and squishy and so nice to touch! 
Background fabric on the front is organic cotton in sage, I used it in two other quilts and this is the last of it. Solid fabrics for the cats are from Free Spirit designer collection except the white one which is a linen. Quilt size is 40" x 60".
Pattern for the paper-pieced cat block is by Anna @ six white horses  blog.

 Hope you are enjoying this lovely long weekend with family and friends! Take care! ( ' v ' )


Stephanie said...

I just love the whimsical feel to this quilt -- pattern and fabric choice. Whisker love! Tactile quilts appeal to me so much. The kitty loving recipient of this quilt is going to be thrilled.

Martha said...

So cute! I love the way you interpreted this pattern. As usual, your fabric choices are imaginative and fun.

Candace said...

Gracie May and Sasha approve of your wonderful creation, Pratima! They particularly love that each cat has two unique ears! There isn't a kitty lover who wouldn't squeal with delight upon receiving it!

Michaelanne said...

I just love the use of fabrics that you choose! I have practically NO solids in my stash and this makes me want to rush out and buy some! The kitties in the binding print are the PERFECT touch... you just make the prettiest quilts:) I am sure this will be well loved by the lucky owner!

legato1958 said...

What a beautiful kitty and whiskers quilt! I love your special features that you have added with love...

It is inspiring and delight!