treat time

Winter has been harsh around these parts, so the scavenging for treats continues as you can imagine. Mr. Pig is a picky eater, wanting fresh white bread for his sandwich while completely ignoring his hungry wife.. poor Mrs. Pig! On the other hand, squirrel looks content nibbling on a nut, enjoying a rare sunny day...  I hope sun is keeping you warm and cheerful where you are :)

When I thought there are enough blocks for the quilt,  I toyed with the idea of making four patches with leftover 2" squares and setting them as corner stones.

I also lingered over the selection of sashing, whether to use a natural linen or go with a white fabric. After laying out the pieces, I felt linen was making it darker than I expected and the four patches were distracting from my original plan of keeping it simple.

So I saved four patches for another time and opted to use a white sashing with these tiny pink flowers for the corner stones. I am still not clear about how big I want this quilt, I will have to think about it before the top is done.

I was working on 'Scrapitude' mystery quilt on the side and finished 25 blocks from the spare parts we have sewn before. I am thrilled that this beautiful radiant star block came out of the mystery and as Sandy mentioned, 'Party hats' is a perfect name for this scrap happy block.

These are the setting blocks ready for the final layout. Two more weeks feels like a long wait when the instructions to put these blocks together will be posted. This is going to be a very bright, colorful quilt.

Thank you for stopping by! Have a great weekend! ( ' u ' )


Stephanie said...

Sweet little blocks. I like your setting. The scraptitude blocks are amazing and fun. I'm really looking forward to seeing it all together.

Candace said...

I think your setting is perfect, Pratima! Maybe Mrs. Pig will sneak away for a treat herself ;>) Your scrap blocks are so bright and pretty! Isn't it fun to work with spare parts?