curious objects

I am still thinking about the layout and fabrics for the flower pot blocks. In the meantime I managed to finish this little 'I spy ' quilt I have been fussing over for a while.

For small children, their world is a fascinating one full of curiosities at every step. Either it is looking for shapes in the clouds or wanting to touch a crawling bug on the leaf, their wide eyed inspection of random things is really amusing to watch.

Keeping this in mind, I placed some curious objects in the quilt like a cat sitting on a fence, a ball rolling downhill, snowflake falling from the sky, an apple looking very tempting on the table.. I even included some grownup things like a key, an alaram clock, glowing candles.. that are usually out of children's reach but would very well turn into toys in their inquisitive hands!

To make the atmosphere more lively, I added these swirling pinwheels in the background. I love the colors in this flower print, just a hint of purple with lime green and faded blue.

This fabric with interesting pictures is by Ecrulat and the flower fabric is called Poppies but I am not sure of the maker. Both are silky and light weight cotton lawn Japanese fabrics. And the solid sage green is organic cotton that I also used for the flower pot blocks. All of these fabrics are so incredibly soft that it was like a dream to work with them.

For the binding I combined Ecrulat fabric with a Robert Kauffman lawn in solid white. We can see a peek of the prints unexpectedly on the binding with the movement of the quilt. On the back is Lecien 'basic dots'. I wanted all of these precious fabrics to shine on their own, so I opted to quilt it with stitch in the ditch diagonally. This quilt measures around 36" x 36".

I hope this cuddly quilt will find its way to a new home and some small sticky fingers will have fun playing with these objects.

Enjoy your day! ( ' u ' )


Ann Champion said...

What a sweet quilt! I love the quietness of it. : )

Anonymous said...

this is a beautiful little piece - so quiet and soothing, but with plenty of curiosity for a child fighting the nap!

Candace said...

I can just imagine mom or dad teaching their ilttle one from your lovely quilt, Pratima! It holds so much interest!

Stephanie said...

Your stories and imagination certainly would sell a quilt as well as your design and fabric choices. Children learn by touch as well so I know the silky softness of the cotton lawn would bring about some curiosities.