wrap up and a new start

Thank you for your kind words and sweetest comments on the basket quilt. I am so grateful for the continuous support and sweetness of my old friends and warm welcome visits of new friends. Appreciate it all more than I can say! ( ' v ' )

There are miscellaneous blocks left. I hope you don't find it as a repetition after seeing the completed quilt :-\

All I want is to sing it song and singing..

These cherry lovers seem to be quite at home in my sugar and creamer set.

It is a happy day!

Yum! these nuts will last me all winter!

shoot the apple in 3 minutes!
(time is running out and I am too scared... help!)

 Now my new project is planning for a quiet and cozy neighborhood in the outskirts of Paris. 

Away from hustle of the city but still close enough to walk to a cafe' or take a friend along for a lazy day of sightseeing. So far it is only two houses, I will share more as the work is progressing.

Hope you are staying warm and toasty.. temps are certainly dipping! ( ' n ' )


Nanette Merrill said...

How exciting to see a peek of your next creation. But I always love to see your baskets. Again, they are so sweet and the details are surprising and fun. I really love love the quilting. Sigh. Such a great quilt.

Stephanie said...

I could look at basket after sweet basket! I'm excited about your new house project. Wonderful colors.

Stephanie said...
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Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

I love to see your baskets. They are just so darling. And a peek at your new work! I know I will love it, your work is wonderful

Candace said...

I never tire of seeing more baskets, Pratima! Your new project is very intriguing - Paris is someplace I would love to visit!

Angie said...

O.My.Goodness this quilt is absolutely stunning---and the extra blocks---oh my goodness, they are just adorable. What a fantastic quilt.