california sun

Last month we made a little trip to California after a decade long break. We were excited to be back in the Bay Area visiting our long lost friends and also to eat out at some of the best Indian food joints anywhere in the US. This trip was also special because we also got to meet our new friends, Maureen and Andres for the first time. Here are some pictures that I like to share with you.

 Driving on the coastal highway 1 to Ventura

 Elephant Seals at Hearst Castle

Brown hills dotted with Oak trees on the way back to San Francisco

Presidio Palace of Fine Arts

Very cute houses around the palace

Grackles playing in the puddle

 Hiking upto Golden Gate Bridge

Finally, my favorite California poppies :)

Thank you for looking! Have a great week!


Stephanie said...

What a terrific trip and special because of meeting new friends and renewing old friendships. Growing up in California I have never been to San Francisco. One day. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous photos. California poppies are such a delicate looking yet hardy flower.

Candace said...

One of our very favorite places! I'm so glad you were able to meet with good friends and enjoy wonderful food! It's great that the weather held up for you, too!