basket full of wishes - part 1

It’s been very quiet on the blog lately... Sorry for a long break! I didn’t have many interesting things to write about except for a quilt I’ve been making secretly.

Our friend’s wedding was in March, but I am still putting finishing touches to the quilt top and then there is hand quilting to be done. When I realized how late I am in giving her the wedding present, we invited our friends for a cozy dinner at home and gave them a special preview of their quilt in the making. I am so happy that they like it. She kindly mentioned to take my time to finish it but I doubt if it was the right thing to say to me! (> o <)
The best part is now I can tell you all about it! I am excited!

…feel free to grab a treat if you are so tempted…there are chocolates and cookies, herb teas and honey! And even some fresh fruit and macaroons to tease anyone with a fondness for sweets!

I had so much fun filling each basket with choicest of goodies, I hope the bride and groom will have even more fun enjoying our best wishes wrapped in these treats… ( : u : )

 Nice quality pears.

Hello, we are nesting dolls. Mushrooms are our favorite!

I like to nap in the laundry basket... purr

Mom is away... so nice! Mouse and I can sleep all day!

Cupcakes to share..

Honey makes me happy!

for one Christmas, our friend gave us an assortment of tiny bottles of honey infused with herbs. I had to include jars of honey in one of her baskets, Bees are making sure they taste just right!

a flower & a letter from special someone :)

tasty macaroons..

( i wish we had a bigger bag! )

It is very sweet of you to stop by and enjoy a treat or two with us.
Bees and I are delighted to say the least! Thank you so much!
There will be more tasty treats waiting for you next time. Hope you can make it!  ( * v * )
I used machine applique' to add the details in each basket. I will write about my process in detail in another post.
Have a delicious week!!


Shari said...

What a unique approach to this traditional basket block. I love how you are doing them. Your fabrics are so cute too. Your friends will surely treasure this always.

Stephanie said...

A true gift from the heart. I always love how you make a story of your quilts. Baskets are one of my favorite blocks and this is a truly special quilt.

Candace said...

Pratima, your friends will treasure this very special quilt forever! Your little touches are truly heartfelt! It's good to "see" you again!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Pratima, this is stunning and I would be happy, just as your friends, to wait for this amazing quilt. The hours of work you put into this show. It is going to be amazing!

Maureen T. said...

Your blocks are fantastic!! I love how each one tells a different story. You did an awesome job piecing and appliqueing the blocks!
What a magnificent gift!

Nanette Merrill said...

This could not be cuter. I've had your post up on my computer and I keep looking at the darling DARLING baskets. I love this idea. I've thought about doing something similar to this but not like with your magnificent flair. I love this. How completely adorable!.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wonderful and joyful blocks, each so lovingly made! Well worth the time and effort.

sewplay said...

Patima - again, it is a masterpiece. I look forward to reading the methods you've used as you have used your imagination to create this dream of a quilt top! xKathy