Spring Cheer

Here is a collection of photos I took over last couple of weeks recording the arrival of spring in all its colorful glory.

Exuberant - magnolias mark a definite arrival of spring erasing any lingering winter grayness

Youth - i didn't know how to describe this photograph other than something that represents youthfulness

Hope - the day I took this photograph was when those tornadoes struck causing damage and loss of life

Happy - what other emotion would cherry blossoms evoke other than cheer?

Delicate - granted these are wild and widespread but have a beauty of their own

Rubies - love these crab apple flowers (I think) just about to burst open

Sunny - we bought this plant (Ornithogallum) at a nursery and it is producing these orange flowers like california poppies

Hope you are all having a nice time and enjoying sunny outdoors. Happy Mother's Day in advance.

~ Kalyan


Lily Boot said...

beautiful :-) I especially love the frothy pink - makes me shake my head in wonder that on the same day the earth can put forth such beauty with one hand and wreak such horror with another. Will you harvest crabapples from that tree?! That would be wonderful

Stephanie said...

The wonders of Spring! So appreciated after winter. Lovely photos. I love California Poppies, the state flower where I grew up.

Maureen T. said...

Thank you for posting your beautiful photos! I'm also happy to report that the bare root Fuji apple tree I planted last year (AKA the stick!!) is actually in bloom!! It's alive after all. :-o And by "in bloom" I mean "ONE bloom". LOL

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The photos are lovely. Really beautiful and crisp. You must have a great camera. We don't have magnolias in Utah. I've just seen bulb flowers here so far this spring. So I'm loving flowers in other areas. Well done. Thanks for the happy Mother's day wish.

Candace said...

Your photos are wonderful, Kalyan! I know how much you and Pratima appreciate a day like this after the hard winter you've had! Thanks for a lovely show!

Martha said...

The photos are so beautiful -- I keep coming back to look at them. They're making me feel all springy, which is good since it's been so rainy here for so long.

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Thank you for sharing. Your nature pictures are just the best. This year it seems every blooming thing is fuller and more colorful. Even the fields of buttercups are doubled.