another postcard

Hi. I'm Maureen. ;-)

Pratima graciously asked me to post a few words about our experience doing the Postcard quilt together.
Gulp. This is my first blog post.
Ever. :-)
Pratima and I met online a few years ago. Our relationship started out innocently enough, ;-) we were both participating in a block of the month. Little did we realize that within a short time we would be attempting such an amazing project.
This is my "Little Blossoms" block. I would never have attempted this foundation pieced block, but Pratima encouraged me to use a foundation that was more like interfacing and it worked wonderfully!

After a number of months we ended up being the only active participants in the block of the month. During that time I quickly realized what a kind, generous person she was. She was so encouraging. She had me attempting things I would have never previously contemplated. I learned so much from her!!

I really admire her knack for design and her ability to combine diverse fabrics to produce really spectacular quilts. There are so many of her quilts that I want to do exactly as she did them!!

Before we arrived at the end of our project we started thinking of ideas for our next endeavor. We discussed the idea of doing a medallion quilt. I have enjoyed seeing many come to life online.

Pratima and I both admired the designs of Kaffe Fassett and looked through his books to find a project that would be both fun and challenging. We decided on the Postcard Quilt designed by Liza Prior Lucy.

My next step was to look through my boxes of fabric to find a focus fabric that was worthy of such a fantastic pattern.
This is "Marrakech Bazaar" by Free Spirit.

I purchased it years ago and it has been waiting to be used for "something special". This project certainly met that criteria! Luckily, I also bought a number of prints from the line. They really came in handy in this quilt! One unusual thing about the Postcard quilt pattern is that it called for 25 different fabrics. Pratima and I both wanted to predominantly use fabrics from our stash.

Block #1

My first block was blah.
I knew I needed the adobe and also the green colored fabric in the quilt but this block didn't convince me of that!!

A few rows later, the center seemed to anchor the rest of the of the design.

And then there were times...

Ugh! This was beginning to look too dark to me!

but then...
when I began auditioning fabric for the background of the next row it lightened up again!!

I eventually stopped worrying

and realized that everything would balance out.


Thanks so much for looking.
Thank you, Pratima for being such a wonderful, sweet and kind person!! She really makes the world a much brighter place!!


Stephanie said...

Great job on your first blog post ever! What a stunning quilt. Vivid colors and very rich. I think anyone would be very lucky to know Pratima. Looking forward to perhaps more quilt blog posts from you.

pratima said...

Maureen, your quilt is spectacular... all the jewel tones give it a beautiful stained glass effect! I Love it!!
Congrats on your very first blog post. And so cute that Tesla and Tennessee are also a part of it. Thanks a bunch for taking time to do this loveliest post for me :) Appreciate it so much!
I hope we'll get to enjoy your beautiful works in the future too..
And thank you soooo much for the kind words... I'm really lucky to be sorrounded by the most amazing and wonderful friends... I'm so blessed and humbled to say the least.

Sujata said...

I agree with Pratima! Your quilt is gorgeous! The fabrics choices are amazing. The borders with flying geese adds movement to the quilt. This would brighten up any corner in the house. Now that I have seen both your and Pratima's quilt, I am tempted to make one of my own!
Thanks for sharing the process!
Happy New Year!

Thanu said...

Your quilt is just how Pratima had told me...Perfect. Congratulations on your first blog post. Look forward to many many more.

Blue Ridge Mountains said...

Wow, what a happy quilt. I love all the colors and patterns. Two thumbs up.
You first blog sounds like you have been taking lesson. Good job.

Maureen T. said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments!
I really appreciate every sweet word!
I promise to post more in the future.
Thanks again. :-)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

The quilt is like tile. Beautiful. Love the paper pieced block. I am not a paper piecer really but I've got a quilt I need to get back to that is paper pieced. It is interesting. Good luck with it all Maureen.

Maureen T. said...

Thanks so much Nanette!! I love the look of paper piecing too.

sewplay said...

Dear Maureen, Your quilt is wonderful. It is so rich and glows like the inside of and Indian palace! I've never been inside one but Pratima's writing makes me think I may have! I love the way you described your top coming together and relaxing as you got going. I will look forward to more of your posts.

Maureen T. said...

Thank you! I have never see one either, but I imagine they are wonderful.