Roses for Quilting Bees

These pictures are a tribute to you all quiliting bees who always leave nothing but sweetest comments on my blog posts.

I have clicked tons of roses and but ended up scratching my head when it came to picking the best ones for this small tribute. Finally, I decided to pick the ones that are most vivid and resemble ruffles of fabric in your studios. Here are some macro shots followed by roses themselves:

Roses from Boston Public Gardens

Antique Roses from Arnold Arboretum

Thorough bred and hybridized roses wow us with their stunning colors, pefect shapes and absolute beauty. Ancient, wild and old garden roses though exhibit their beauty interms of simplicity and fragrance. Arboretum has a great collection of these roses and is a must see and smell.

Rosa Davidii:

Rosa Gallica:

Rosa Primula:


Unidentified in World's End reservation, Hingham MA:

Have a great weekend everyone. Bye for now.

~ Kalyan


Stephanie said...

Gorgeous. My favorites are the ruffled photos. I can smell these beauties from here.

Martha said...

Wow! -- those are such beautiful roses, and I love the macro shots. Some of those giant puffy roses look almost like peonies. I wish I could take photos like this.

kalyan said...


You just need a camera with macro mode and a steady hand. I don't even have an SLR. Now-a-days, most point and shoot cameras come with ton of features that used to be available only in SLRs. I have Canon A580 that is almost 3 years old.


Thanks for your comments. I love those shots too. I wanted to make them look even more abstract but then I thought there should be *some* rose in the pictures.

sewplay said...

Thank you, they're gorgeous. Is it a natural temptation to try to pick a favourite? I've been trying: it's taken 3 looks and the best I can come up with is that it's pale pink, but they are all gorgeous.Kathy

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a sweet post. I love roses. It was my mom's favorite flower. Though we lived in a row home neighborhood, when I was growing up, in a turn of the century home with no real yard, we had a tiny flower garden in the front with some roses. Being raised on a farm, it was my mother's piece of home in the city. Thanks for your pics. I could nearly smell the lovely scent.