Colorful Spring

I knew spring has arrived as soon as Crocuses began to bloom and Northern Cardinals began to sing their mating calls. I was quite happy that we put out a bird feeder in winter which made otherwise bleak and gray season colorful with visiting Cardinals and Blue Jays to munch on the black sunflower seeds and peanuts respectively. We noticed one Blue Jay gobbling up about 8 peanuts in one go! Here are some pictures that I took of first blooms commonly seen in Boston.

Hope the rest of the year will turnout to be as colorful as these flowers for all of you. Enjoy the warm weather and Happy Easter everyone.

~ Kalyan


Jackie said...

Lovely blooms! It looks similar to my post today, Pratima. I am just enjoying the fact that spring is around now. Hopefully, it will stay. Happy Easter!

Stephanie said...

Oh how I love the beauty of Spring after the long winter. Flowers and blossoms are happy things.

Martha said...

Beautiful flower photos, Pratima -- Spring has definitely sprung. Happy Easter!

Candace said...

Gorgeous photos, Pratima. Flowers popping up through the cold ground are truly a welcome sign of warm weather to come! And I love the birds...sounds like your Jays are quite hungry!

Avinash Shahdadpuri said...

Excellent Pictures Kalyan, Enjoy the warm weather :)