block printing by hand

Intricately carved wooden blocks dipped in dyes, painted on cloth with exactness not once but as many times as the colors needed… isn’t it intriguing to see an artist’s vision unfold so delightfully.

The craft was so snugly woven into the fabric of community that, in early days the motifs and colors in an outfit would suggest a person’s caste or place in the society and even their marital status.
Though the tradition of hand printing has sadly weathered and wilted in the past, some firms and export houses like Anokhi have been doing extensive work for its revival.

Anokhi foundation had set up a museum in Jaipur, not only to preserve the tradition but also to provide craftspeople with examples of best of hand block printed textiles from their archives.

~Detailed pics at Saffron marigold.

Sanganer, Bagru in Rajasthan; Farukhabad, Pethapur in Gujarat are some places where it is still flourishing.

Since I haven’t been as lucky as to pop in to any of these places, I was just thrilled to come across the prints so unexpectedly in a shop called Manasvi in Gurgaon.
They had a good selection too.

I’ve put aside little snippets of each piece as a keepsake before mailing them to friends and as you might have guessed, started to plot for something fun and patchy o_o

While the flowers and vines are quietly wafting through the warm winds as carefree as a dandelion snow in an August breeze… a fuzzy fluffy white slips in and spools around, and it all seem to come together in a few fleeting moments.

Aren’t these squares quick and fun?

You can leaf through some more delicious bits at Les Indiennes which I stumbled upon
on Sewn ~ so much inspiration to soak-in… eeks!

p.s. Nanette,Stephanie.. thank you so much for everything! I appreciate it all, more than I could ever tell in words (* u *)


Stephanie said...

Thank you so much for sharing lovely fabrics with me. How thrilling you shared the video on the laborious process making of these beautiful fabrics. I find the history and meaning of it fascinating. What a fresh and airy quilt. You'll feel close to home when snuggled in it's beauty.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I'm really proud of my hand printed fabrics you gave me. I've been showing them to friends. Now I can tell them where to learn more. This really is amazing. Your quilt is lovely. I think squares always show off great fabrics well.

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Thank you so much for sharing the process with us, I adore the fabric you gave me, and to see all that beauty at a store, I would not be able to resit either. I love your quilt and agree with Stephanie, what a wonderful way to keep home close to you.